Reviewers Guidelines

Peer reviewers play a role in ensuring the integrity of the scholarly record. The peer review process depends to a large extent on the trust and willing participation of the scholarly community and requires that everyone involved behaves responsibly and ethically. Peer reviewers play a central and critical part in the peer review process, but may come to the role without any guidance and be unaware of their ethical obligations. Journals have an obligation to provide transparent policies for peer review, and reviewers have an obligation to conduct reviews in an ethical and accountable manner. Clear communication between the journal and the reviewers is essential to facilitate consistent, fair and timely review.

  • Double blind Peer Review.
  • Reviewers interact with one another openly.
  • Review facilitated by a journal.
  • Review owned by a journal or third party.

Authors who have benefited from the peer review process should consider becoming peer reviewers as a part of their professional responsibilities.